New Beginnings in a Wanderlust Nation

Hello loves! Thank you so much for all the love and support you’ve given Taylor’s Titillating Travels over the years. It’s been amazing and I’ve loved sharing all my stories with you. I will still be bringing you fun little stories, but I’m broadening my horizons. Soon we will launch Wanderlust Nation, a new website-based travel blog with more videos and varying media. I enjoy sharing my personal stories, but I really want to bring the focus on to inspiring others to travel in new ways. I am very sad to let go of my slightly suggestive title, but I think Wanderlust Nation is going to capture a whole new realm of traveling. It’s going to be slow going at first, but I hope you all hang in there! I’ll leave you with a little something I wrote. For me it’s hopeful, it’s saying goodbye to one chapter and opening another.


These Days

I keep a suitcase packed by the bed
Ready to go at a moment’s notice, passport in hand
I’m nearing thirty and I’m still a teenage runaway
But I guess they just call it leaving these days

Most days the real world stagnates around me
And I escape to far off lands
Just a little movement to keep myself from atrophy
But I guess they just call it surviving these days

You tell me jetlag is a myth
But how do you know if you never leave the zone?
You stay tethered to the still life you’ve created
But I guess they call it stability these days

I’ve missed a funeral, weddings, and a birth
I miss the late nights at The Pub, paying for our youth
Those moments that remind us of what we all have in store for us
But I guess that’s what they call reality these days

I keep my family and friends close to my heart
Yet I keep stepping out, always leaving them behind
In hopes of forgetting the one thing I’m missing
But I guess that’s what they call loneliness these days

The rhythm in my soul keeps beating
A drumming pulling me on at an invisible pace
Away from the known into the expanse of the lives I haven’t lived
But I guess that’s what they call wanderlust these days

So I’ll see you when my feet hit the ground
And be gone before you can remember my face
Leave you with the memories of girl once etched in your mind
But I guess they just call me a gypsy these days

I just want you to remember my name


xoxo Taylor


May the Road Rise Up to Meet You


Just a reminder:

The roads are waiting to rise to meet you. The sun is circling your head, waiting to light your way. The mountains tower as a beacon for you. The rivers are rushing towards you like a long lost friend. The sea is churning with anticipations and the ground shoots up a riot of flora and fauna like confetti in celebration of your arrival.

Au Naturale in Alaska

Perhaps it is Alaska’s proximity to magnetic North, but there is something extremely attractive and magical about that state. The moment you arrive there is a certain crispness in the air tethered to an indescribable feeling. I believe that Alaska, being The Last Frontier, brings out the intrinsic need for humans to connect with the natural world.


Palmer, Alaska

No matter where you go in Alaska you will be surrounded by awe-inspiring sights and unrivaled beauty, be it spring, summer, autumn, or winter. There’s always something to see.



There’s also a million and one things to do, like panning for gold at one of the many gold mines! Or if you happen to know some crazy Alaskans who like to make their own sluice boxes they will probably be happy to show you how it is done.

Sluice Box

If you can, try and get out of Anchorage. It’s a lovely city with the fantastic Glacier Brewhouse

in it, but the real treasures are out on the road, where the city lights and houses become fewer and farther between and dim to reveal starry skies and, if you’re lucky, Aurora Borealis.


My two favorite spots outside of Anchorage are Seward (I’m pretty sure heaven is hidden somewhere in Seward) and Denali National Park, although the park is sadly closed for the time being. You can thank our uncooperative government for shutting it down.


Wasilla, AK

However, you can still get close enough to see it fairly close on a clear day at a lookout point on the South end of the park. Denali, or Mt. McKinley, is the tallest mountain in North America and it is quite a sight to behold.