Airports Can Be Fun!

Anyone who has been stranded in an airport can testify that it’s tedious, stressful even hanging out at the airport, especially if you have kids with you. However, the airport doesn’t have to be a boring place where you sit continuously signing into the wi-fi to keep yourself from going insane. There are plenty of ways to stay entertained while hanging out in the airport. Window Shop


WikiCommons/ Benzoyl

The first stop in entertainment, and by far the most accessible, is to go window shopping. First, hit the magazine and book shop and peruse their travel magazines. Pick one adventure from one of the articles and then hit up a clothing shop with a mission to find an outfit for that adventure, something like: pick an outfit fit for sailing in the Bahamas or find the ultimate accessory for a visit to Paris. Ride the Train Plane TrainGet a different view of the airport with the airport trains. Take the train to different terminals and check out the fun activities there or maybe grab a bite somewhere new. If you have kids this is guaranteed to keep them entertained for hours. Pretend you’re on a ride at Disneyland and relax while people watching. Make Up Stories

People Watch

WikiCommons/ RobNS

Speaking of people watching, my favorite airport activity is to make up stories about the other passengers at the gate and passers by. Is the bearded guy who looks like a mountain man on his way home to Colorado or is he meeting his team before heading for an expedition in Antarctica? Is the girl with sunglasses really a celebrity or just hungover? What did she do the day before? The possibilities are only limited to your imagination. Exercise 10487556_10152542966196215_1961011593696387441_n So many airports are offering “walking routes” through the airport so you have no excuse not to get up and move those feet! Phoenix Sky Harbor has one in Terminal 4 complete with a little brochure, telling you about the sights and history of Phoenix. Not to mention the long windows offer stunning views of Camelback Mountain, Piestewa Peak, and other surrounding landscape. Dallas/Forth Worth’s Terminal D also offers a walking route, with option step program, and even a yoga studio at gate D40. A yoga studio! What?! Other airports that offer post-security walking routes include Seattle’s Concourse A, Indianapolis, Minneapolis-St. Paul, Baltimore, Cleveland, and Atlanta. Philadelphia also has a few stationary bikes just across from the food court where you can burn that cheesesteak you just ate. Hit the Gallery Airport Art Almost every airport has an art gallery featuring local artists and various works hanging throughout the airport. Denver has by far the most terrifying artwork while Philadelphia offers fascinating glass working and odd little exhibits on your way into Terminal C. Freshen up at Duty Free

Duty Free

WikiCommons/ Pigsonthewing

If you’re traveling internationally stop by the Duty Free shop and try on a new scent (lightly, though, so you don’t gag your fellow passengers) and maybe a new lip shade. Heck, don’t even do your makeup before you leave, just hit the MAC counter, or Dior if you’re feeling very posh, and doll yourself up for that handsome stranger in the plane. Won’t he be stunned by that bold new shade!


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