Getting to the Freedom Trail on the Cheap

First off, the public transportation in Boston is phenomenal. I had to get from Cambridge across the bridge and into town to Boston Common and there was a Subway that took me straight there. You can even take a subway all the way to the Old State House where there is a station directly underneath.

I noticed that outside the subway stations they have a rack of bikes you can rent called Hubway. There are drop off points all over Boston so if you’re too tired to bike back you can just park it at a Hubway station. Last time I was in Boston I opted to rent a bike from my hotel and I was actually surprised at how bike friendly the drivers in Boston are. It’s an extremely active city and their regard for bikers and athletes felt more like I was in Portland than an east coast city.  However if you’re going to do the Freedom Trail (more on that later) I recommend stashing the bike or avoiding it altogether as it will be impossible to navigate around tourists.

Those are my tips on getting around Boston using public transportation. Next, we take on The Freedom Trail!


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