Life’s a Beach in Oceanside

What’s my favorite kind of traveling? Last minute adventures with one of my best friends, Christina. On this particular last-minute adventure she invited me to join her in Oceanside, CA. I was in dire need of beach time and BFF time so of course I hopped on a plane the next day and was off!

I landed in San Diego and we immediate headed for some ice cold brews at the Coronado Brewing Company. The beer was exactly what I needed to kick off my beach vacation. The burgers were nothing to write home about but the pretzel and mustard we loaded up on danced a jig with the beer in my belly.


On our way to the condo we made an obligatory stop at the Carlsbad Outlets. It was so refreshing to go to a premium outlet with real outlet prices! While shopping for shoes we said something like, “These are so cute!” at the same time. We were looking at different shoes.

IMG_0104 IMG_0106

Which one fits your style? Can you guess who goes with what shoe?

We relaxed a little at the condo then headed out to my new, second favorite place (the beach always wins first place) in Oceanside, The Stone Company Store and tasting room!


This place has it all! The space is open and cool with a wonderful fiery centerpiece to enjoy your beer at. They have every Stone shirt, hat, glass, towel, hot sauce, book you could ever want. Best of all, they had every Stone brew on tap. I sampled the RuinTen IPA and Stone Oaked Arrogant Bastard, a great oaky version of the classic Arrogant Bastard.


Once we had our fill of Stone’s magnificent beers we headed to Harney Sushi for some grub and well-crafted cocktails. The best sushi roll we had was definitely the Chuck Norris. It round-house kicked our tastebuds.


The next day we hit the morning market, we bought a ridiculous hat fit for a royal wedding and knickknacks then spent some time sunning on the beautiful Oceanside beach. Once we had soaked in enough of the sun’s rays we cleaned up and headed to the Thursday evening market for some dinner (see video below) and the next day it was time to say goodbye to the beach.


But oh the adventure wasn’t over there! Not when you’re on an adventure with Christina and Taylor! On our drive back, somewhere past Yuma, insanity ensued for about 15 minutes. In this span we came across the biggest tarantula I have ever seen (oddly, I’ve seen more than a few), almost hit a coyote, saw a semi dragging a chain that was sparking really badly, and a train with locked up brakes, sparks showering from all sides and creating a plume of smoke. This is what happens when we travel together. None of this would have happened otherwise.

Great ideas also come out of our travels, like a new travel blog hosted by none other than myself and Christina! It’s a start and it is going to rock. Check out our take on a few of our favorite parts of the journey:

Coming soon: One Night Stands with Christina and Taylor (a travel vlog).IMG_0113


Also, if you want a great place to stay in Oceanside check out these awesome condos we stayed at: North Coast ViIlage


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