Three Seconds of Bravery

I had just narrowly avoided getting trampled in an Independence Day riot in Pittsburgh so it’s sufficient to say I felt pretty uneasy and out of place from the beginning of this trip. I sought refuge in a recommended bar, Melange (awesome, chill atmosphere), with the comfort of some bourbon to calm my nerves. I was pondering on how best to meet new people in new cities, (a daunting task for someone who has random bouts of shyness and s already uncomfortable) when a young man began chatting me up. We began discussing travels and meeting people and, unbeknownst to him, he answered the very question I had been sitting on the whole day. He told me that all it takes to meet people is three seconds of bravery. Bam! Simple and genius! That’s all it takes. Three seconds of gathering your courage to walk up to someone wherever you are and say hello. Once you do that the rest is easy.  If the person answers negatively then, well, screw them. They’re obviously not someone worth talking to anyways. Who wouldn’t want to talk to this bold person who mustered up this courage in a strange city? I find that most people, however, are very receptive. Most importantly I find that locals are always dying to tell people how awesome their city is, why their city is the best in the world. Or maybe I’m just naturally drawn to those types of people.  Either way, that is all it takes to meet people and find the truly amazing places a city has to offer, find the secrets and real culture of a city. Three seconds of bravery.


Speaking of bravery and Independence Day… a sand sculpture of both.


One thought on “Three Seconds of Bravery

  1. Hey Taylor, good post and nice blog! I’m glad you’re enjoying your adventures and getting to travel all around the U.S. Hope all is well : )


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