Kansas City, MO at First Glance

I was scheduled for a trip to Kansas City the other day. Initially I though, “Really? Kansas City? What the heck is in Kansas City? I’ve never heard anything about this city besides great steaks. Awesome. I’ll eat a steak and then sleep… at least there’s sleep.” Boy, was I ever wrong.

The long drive from the airport to the hotel downtown was long but the scenery was unlike any I had ever seen; it was like a slightly less forested Kentucky with plains. Plains are weird yet inspiring. It was absolutely beautiful.

Downtown was even more unexpected. Once I changed into street clothes and began walking around I found the most inviting downtown. The sun was shining and the possibilities were endless. I walked down Wyandotte St. and took a few turns here and there and found myself thirsty in the warm humidity of the afternoon. Should you ever be in the area I highly recommend getting an iced double vanilla tea latte from Latteland. It’s to die for and immensely refreshing, the perfect summertime beverage. The most exciting find was this beautiful pub called The Flying Saucer. I almost passed it up because it looked too pristine and touristy, but I’m very glad I didn’t. Sadly, I didn’t have enough time to try their local brews but I had the great pleasure of trying a Southern Tier Creme Brulee beer from New York. It is a must have! The atmosphere is youthful, inviting, and the bartender was wonderfully knowledgable.

Amidst this beer filled happiness I had to meet with some friends and go to dinner at a place called Fiorella’s Jack Stack BBQ. Sadly, this is not a place I recommend. The steak was good, but not great and the service was abysmal. One good thing did arise from the trek to the restaurant, though. I found the most amazing little boutiques in the Power and Light District.

Overall, I greatly look forward to future Kansas City trips. I look forward to delivering a proper review of the city, the culture, the intrinsic vibe and all the wonderful things you can do with a thin wallet.


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